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In order to be able to process your samples adequately,
we ask you to provide some basic information, if known.
Please call, if you have any questions (ph. 0251-8357164).

Below, you first decide, if you wish to submit only a few or many samples.
In the first case, you describe all samples individually starting with .Sample 1. and adding samples as needed.
In the second case, you type in the submitter information as requested at the top and general sample information for the entire set using .Sample 1..
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Please ensure that you label your sample vials correctly.
If the labels are not legible, we will have difficulties assigning your samples properly.

Despite this form, please call S. König (-57164) to discuss the particular requirements of your sample in person.
Our methods may have to be specifically tailored to your sample.
Date of sample drop off: TT.MM.JJJJ
Sample transport:frozenon iceat room temperature
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Sample 1:
1D-gel band2D-gel spotCoomassie-stained (R 250)Coomassie-stained (G 250)
silver-stainedfluorescence-stainedprotein pelletliquid sample
tissuebiopsycell lysate
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Database protein entry / accession number:
Source:recombinant from:
isolated and purified from:
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Analysis task:protein isolationtryptic digestionreduction/alkylation
protein IDtotal proteome digestquantification
statistical analysispathway analysis
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